Underground conveyor belts at a length of three kilometres make the transport of the material possible.
Foto: Bridgestone
Underground conveyor belts at a length of three kilometres make the transport of the material possible.

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Bridgestone tyres used in Murbruch

Zech Kies GmbH equips 77 per cent of its vehicles with tyres from Bridgestone. The company demonstrates its work in an extraction site in Austria.

Zech Kies GmbH is the biggest producer of gravel with more than one million tons per year  in Vorarlberg. The company, which is located in Nüziders, focuses on exploiting and securing Schesa-Murbruchs, the biggest Murbruch in Europe, in order to limit the risk of further rock landslides. Since 1958, the company has taken care of providing the region Vorarlberg with construction raw materials like sand, gravel, and concrete. More than three kilometres of conveyor belts are necessary for underground transport. Dump trucks with articulated steering joints, like the Volvo Dumper A30 and A40, are crucial for surface transport.

The company uses Bridgestone for 77 per cent of its OTR tyres: VTS1, VLT2 and VLTS3. Moreover, the truck fleet is equipped with Bridgestone tyres too. “For our key machines, like the Volvo A30 and A40, we make use of Bridgestone VLTS tyres for material transport from Schesa-Murbruch to the processing plant as well as to the Tschalenga-Au quarry. That means carrying out about 1,800 operating hours per year”, explains Herbert Zech, Senior Director at Zech Kies GmbH.

According to Bridgestone, the V-Steel Traction S, or shortly VLTS, was especially developed for dump trucks with articulated steering joints. “The Bridgestone treads VLT and VLTS are well suited for loamy and muddy underground, offer excellent traction with outstanding handling, and high driving comfort”, says Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products at Bridgestone Europe.

Due to rough terrain and long driving distances, the dump trucks and tyres face a lot of pressure and severe conditions of use. Moreover, the tyres have to deal with further challenges because of underground transport. “The construction heights at the collection points of the material are very low and demand a low construction height of the wheel loader to transport the material”, illustrates Herbert Zech. “The dimensions 650/65 R25 VTS and 750/65 R25 VLTS offer exactly the low-profile tyres needed for that location”. (jwe)

Die Material-Beförderung wird unterirdisch mit drei Kilometer langen Förderbändern ermöglicht.


Bridgestone versorgt größten Murbruch Europas

77 Prozent ihrer Fahrzeuge stattet die Tech Kies GmbH mit Bridgestone-Reifen aus. Das Unternehmen zeigt seine Arbeit im Abbaugebiet am Bürsberg in Österreich.

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Reliable use under extreme conditions

The service life of vehicle tyres in the earth-moving industry plays a key role because of the harsh environment.

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Based on a continuous tyre management, OTR tyres are able to develop their full performance potential. 


Heavy-duty operations

The tyre manufacturer Bridgestone, a full-range provider, has also a variety of OTR tyres on offer, which are sold in original equipment and replacement business.  

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Laufenn makes debut in commercial vehicle segment

As of now, Hankook’s brand Laufenn will be active in the truck and bus tyre market. The portfolio of the brand consists of nine treads and will start with a total of 31 dimensions.

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