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Thomas Neises favours Bridgestone rubbers.


VT- and VX-Tractor in use

The Gebr. Neises GbR focuses on Bridgestone tyres for tractors – namely the products VT-Tractor and VX-Tractor.

“Our agricultural services include activities from wage threshing, silage collection or crop protection in a closer area to earth and gravel transports covering distances with partly up to 60 kilometres around our location”, explains Thomas Neises, Managing Director. The profile of requirements consists of downtime, mileage and self-cleaning during transport activities – according to Neises, the Bridgestone rubbers convince in daily use.

“The VX-Tractor offers reliable performance both on the field, the road, grassland and during transport. The combination of flexibility and high carrying capacity meets the farmers’ highest requirements. The big lug volume provides first of all high mileage and outstanding traction and due to optimal interlocking of lug and ground the contact area protects the soils”, explains Christoph Frost, Director Commercial Products Bridgestone Cen­tral Europe. The VT-Tractor complements the segment, facilitates low soil compaction combined with big contact area and traction, and low fuel consumption at the same time.

When constructing the VX-Tractor, Bridgestone focused on the involute lug design (gear geometry). The people responsible talk about higher thermal capacity. The rubber compound also increases the longevity of the tyre. This is an aspect Thomas Neises stresses as well: “Our tractors run about 1,200 to 1,500 hours per year – thus, we are happy to be supported by Bridgestone, a reliable partner with long-lasting premium products”. Reifenzentrale Becker has taken care of the company for many years. (kle)

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Continental bundles up service portfolio

Continental has reorganized its fleet service under the umbrella of Conti360° Solutions – the commercial segment also focuses on topics like digitalization and sustainability.

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Reliable use under extreme conditions

The service life of vehicle tyres in the earth-moving industry plays a key role because of the harsh environment.

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VT- und VX-Tractor im Einsatz bei Neises

Die Gebr. Neises GbR setzt auf Bridgestone VT- und VX-Tractor-Reifen. „Unsere landwirtschaftlichen Dienstleistungen reichen von Lohndrusch, Silagebergung oder Pflanzenschutz im nahen Umkreis bis hin zu Erd- und Schottertransporten, bei denen wir teilweise bis zu 60 Kilometer rund um unseren Standort zurücklegen müssen“, beschreibt Geschäftsführer Thomas Neises. Das Anforderungsprofil lautet: Standzeit, Laufleistung und Selbstreinigung bei Transportarbeiten - laut Neises überzeugen die Bridgestone-Gummis im täglichen Einsatz.

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Tyre Test

Premium rubbers dominate

In AutoBild Allrad‘s summer tyre test (215/60 R17), the products of premium manufacturers were particularly convincing. Goodyear took the crown with its new EfficientGrip 2 SUV.