Courtland Michaels (f.l.), Vice President Maxam Europe, Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing Europe, and Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President at Sailun Europe.
Foto: Olaf Tewes
Courtland Michaels (f.l.), Vice President Maxam Europe, Stephan Cimbal, Director Marketing Europe, and Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President at Sailun Europe.

The Tire Cologne

Sailun offers innovative technology

Sailun presented its sustainable EcoPoint³ tyre technology as being ready for series production in the framework of the The Tire Cologne.

According to the manufacturer, about 300 tyre developers have been working on this so-called liquid phase mixing for about 10 years. Until now, filler materials have been mixed mechanically into the rubber – a highly energy-intensive process not distributing the filler material evenly. The innovative mixing technology developed by Sailun mixes the filler material in a complete, even, and optimized way. Compared to traditional dry mixing, the liquid phase mixing of EcoPoint³ tyres have high quality.

New mixing technology

The developers explain that Sailun tyres get a considerably finer mixing, which offers several advantages. EcoPoint³ tyres are to have lower rolling resistance, which is supposed to generate a significant decrease in fuel consumption by about 20 per cent compared to competitors, e.g., with regard to conventionally powered vehicles. Moreover, mileage is meant to be increased by 30 per cent. Due to the softer rubber compound, EcoPoint³ tyres are to contribute to a highly improved driving comfort as well as reduced noise emissions.

Furthermore, extensive heat generation and, thus, higher wear are to be decreased. As a consequence, tyre safety and total tyre life are improved at the same time. Thanks to its innovative rubber compound, EcoPoint³ tyres offer an outstanding all-year performance according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the used materials are environmentally friendly, as no fossil silica is used. This causes a reduction of CO2 emissions by an average of eight kilograms per Sailun passenger car tyre and about 36 kilograms per Sailun truck tyre.

Sustainable production

Moreover, all the production and manufacturing processes are in line with the sustainable ambitions. Sailun opened a new chapter in its company history with its new EcoPoint³ tyres for passenger cars and trucks and at the same time, fulfils requirements of automotive manufacturers and consumers for sustainable high-tech premium tyres in an innovative way.

During a conversation with our editors, Gareth Passmore, Senior Vice President at Sailun Europe, said that the company would like to offer a reliable and cooperative partnership to its trade partners. The wholesale partner Straub provides trade partners with ordered passenger car tyres.

TPM systems provide optimum filling pressure in the tyres and extend the tyre life cycle.

Tire Industry

Digitalized tyres with potential

The digitization of tires has only just begun - it offers many starting points for future services and also enables significant emissions savings.

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Presentation of the Turanza 6 tyre in the road safety centre at Sachsenring.

Summer Tyres

Flagship product Bridgestone Turanza 6

At Sachsenring, Bridgestone has presented its flagship product for the summer touring segment – the Turanza 6. The rubber is to be balanced with superior mileage and improved fuel efficiency.

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Events like the driving event at Nürburgring will be used by ZC Rubber to particularly increase its popularity in the European market.

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Strengthening the brand and expanding its popularity

ZC Rubber – worldwide number eight of the tyre industry – has ambitious plans. The company would like to convince tyre trade and end-consumers with a quality campaign.

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Reliable use under extreme conditions

The service life of vehicle tyres in the earth-moving industry plays a key role because of the harsh environment.

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