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Continental is expanding its tool set of simulation technology with the Delta S3.


Virtual development processes

Conti has invested in a new driving simulator in order to be able to develop tyres meeting the requirements of oe customers to an even higher degree.

According to company information, the so-called Driver-in-the-Loop Simulator (DIL) is able to calculate the vehicle dynamics parameters of the tyre and of the respective test vehicles. The adaptability of the simulator is supposed to provide the test drivers with subjective driving impressions. Dr. Boris Mergell, Head of Research and Development of the Tyre Area at Continental, explains: “We would like to actively create the virtual development process of the automotive industry in the tyre area too. The new simulator combines state-of-the-art technology with the irreplaceable treasure of experiences that our professional test drivers have. Continental belongs to the pioneers using this innovative hybrid test technology.”

As crucial development steps and related test arrangements will be transferred to the virtual world, the tyre manufacturer plans saving time, costs and resources in the real world. According to people responsible for the company, the logistic demands of different physical tests will be significantly reduced, because essential parameters can be checked in the simulator. The simulator will be fed with data of the respective vehicle model, for which the tyre is to be developed. Moreover, Continental will add data concerning rubber compound, tyre architecture and tread design.

According to information from Continental, the investment in new test technologies also stands for efforts to increase sustainability. “When our test drivers sit in the cockpit of a simulator and spend less time in a driving seat in the future, each year about 100,000 fewer kilometres will be spent on real roads or test courses. Moreover, we will be able to save about 10,000 test tyres per year”, mentions Dr. Holger Lange, Head of Passenger Car Tyre Development for Original Equipment Business at Continental. So far, the final adaptation of tyres has depended on a high number of test tyres for real use scenarios. The goal will be to build a considerably lower number of prototypes thanks to the use of the simulator. The use of the manufacturer’s plant Ansible Motion is to start at Contidrom in mid 2022.

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Tyre Test

Michelin Primacy 4 is promobil test winner

The journal promobil has tested eight summer tyres of size 235/55 R17 in its edition 8/2021. The Primacy 4 from Michelin has been the test winner as the only one to be “very recommendable”.

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Conti tyre business still at high level

While Conti’s Tire Division was again able to show off in the second quarter, the Automotive group sector has been suffering from the global shortage of electronic components.

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Dunlop presented new steer axle tyre

Dunlop has presented a new steer axle tyre with the SP346+, which is to combine increased robustness and damage resistance with high mileage and good winter characteristics.

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Certified to mount complete wheels

After moving to the property "Am Storrenacker 30“, which is in close neighbourhood of the company location, Interpneu got the possibility to bring back the area of mounting complete wheels, which used to be in an additional separated hall.