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32 current summer tyres in the sizes 205/55 R16V and 225/50 R17Y took part in the test runs.

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Surprising Kumho in ADAC Summer Tyre Test

Continental has demonstrated its dominance with several group treads once again. Kumho has even attracted attention with two tyres.

Balance is a key target range in the ADAC tyre test. Concerning the tyre size 205/55 R16V, Continental has moved to the top spots of the field with two group brands. The Continental PremiumContact 6 has the first position on wet roads and is also very powerful on dry surfaces. The Semperit Speed-Life 3 is described as “very balanced, especially in the wet, and good on dry roads“. Both tyres have the overall result “good“, and thus, an ADAC recommendation. Bridgestone has also been able to convince once more and the Turanza T005 follows only closely behind: “very balanced, good on dry and wet roads, relatively low fuel consumption.”

When looking at the area of tyres with a “satisfactory“ result, the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 2 (“highest rating for wear, good on wet roads”; “slightly weaker on dry roads”) and the Kumho Ecsta HS51 at a more favourable price (“highest rating for fuel consumption, good when wet“; „relatively low wear”) can be found. A great success for the Korean brand, which is even intensified by the results of the Ecsta PS71 in the second test size 225. The Apollo Alnac 4G is able to show off with “relatively low wear”. Nonetheless, the tread is downgraded because of being “weaker on dry and wet roads”. The Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125 is not able to completely convince on wet roads. It is, however, “extremely good on dry roads” and the testers also praise its “relatively low fuel consumption”.

The group of tyres with “satisfactory“ results consists as well of the Fulda EcoControl HP2 (“relatively low wear and fuel consumption“; „weakness on wet roads”), and the Maxxis Premitra 5 (“highest rating on dry roads, good when wet“; “relatively high fuel consumption and wear”). The ADAC also criticizes fuel consumption and wear of the Nokian Wetproof and the Pirelli Cinturato P7. The Uniroyal RainSport 5 shows weakness on dry roads, the Petlas Imperium PT515 on dry and wet roads. There is only one tread with the rating “sufficient”: The King Meiler Sport 1, which is “very weak in the wet, weak on dry roads” and adds a high rolling noise to this.

Size 225/50 R17

With regard to the size 225/50 R17, the Falken Azenis FK510 dominates the ranking with an overall rating of 2.1. When having the “highest rating on wet roads“ and being “especially good on dry roads”, “a slightly higher fuel consumption” does not have such a huge impact. The Continental PremiumContact 6 (2.2) and the Kumho Ecsta PS71 (2.3) fill up the podium positions. According to the testers, both treads are characterized by an enormous balance and extremely good performance on wet roads. The Conti representative receives further praise for its apparently low fuel consumption.

There is one more “good” rating (2.5) for the Bridgestone Turanza T005 (“good on dry roads”; “increased wear”) before getting into the area of tyres with “satisfactory” results. The Michelin Primacy 4 (2.7) is the leader in this group having “the highest ratings on dry roads and for wear”, but is degraded because of “a slight weakness on wet roads”. 

Four treads have the rating 2.8 and find themselves in the sixth position of the ADAC test:  Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2, Esa+Tecar Spirit Pro, Nexen N‘Fera Sport and Pirelli Cinturato P7 C2. While Dunlop, Nexen and Pirelli show their strengths on dry roads and are degraded because of their wet performance, it is just the other way round for the Esa+Tecar tyre.

The Semperit Speed-Life 3 (“highest rating for wet performance and wear”; “weakness on dry roads”) achieves the tenth position with a rating of 2.9, followed by a duo consisting of the Kleber Dynaxer HP4 and the Sava Intensa UHP 2 (both 3.1). According to the ADAC, both tyres show “weakness on wet roads” and “increased wear”, but are able to convince on dry roads.

The Giti GitiPremium H1 (“relatively good on dry roads”) is only closely behind together with the Laufenn S Fit EQ+ LK01 (“still good on dry roads”), a further duo with a rating of 3.3 for each tyre. The Barum Bravuris 5HM (3.4) and the Viking ProTech NewGen (3.5) are not far away either and are able to show off with low fuel consumption. All the four tyres, however, have received a deranking because they seem to have such a poor performance on wet roads. Moreover, the tyres offered by Barum and Viking are also degraded by the testers due to weak dry performance.

The Firestone Roadhawk (rating 4.9) is by far the worst performing tyre. Although it is able to offer a “relatively low fuel consumption”, the list of weaknesses is too long. “Weakness on dry roads, “increased wear” and “very weak wet performance” are responsible for an overall “deficient” as rating.

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Increase in offer of retreaded tyres

Michelin has been active in the truck retreading business with several treads of the brands Michelin Remix, Laurent retread and Recamic. Now the segment of long-distance traffic has been extended as well.

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Dunlop presented new steer axle tyre

Dunlop has presented a new steer axle tyre with the SP346+, which is to combine increased robustness and damage resistance with high mileage and good winter characteristics.

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Continental bundles up service portfolio

Continental has reorganized its fleet service under the umbrella of Conti360° Solutions – the commercial segment also focuses on topics like digitalization and sustainability.

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Laufenn makes debut in commercial vehicle segment

As of now, Hankook’s brand Laufenn will be active in the truck and bus tyre market. The portfolio of the brand consists of nine treads and will start with a total of 31 dimensions.