Speed4Trade, the e-commerce software company, focuses on new add-on partners in digital projects.
Foto: Speed4Trade
Speed4Trade, the e-commerce software company, focuses on new add-on partners in digital projects.


More digital efficiency

Speed4Trade will soon be cooperating with additional partners such as Anyline GmbH, Bertsch Innovation GmbH and Performance One AG.

According to Speed4Trade, Anyline is specialized in mobile text recognition (OCR) via app or browser, among others as add-on solution for the area of tyre and fleet management. Thanks to technology for mobile data collection based on AI, e.g., tyre features are to be collected and stored in a faster and more accurate way in real time. The solution will replace manual, error-prone input.

The second new partner, Bertsch Innovation, centrally sorts and standardizes product information with its solution Automotive PIM in one location. As a consequence, product content is to be published more efficiently and consistently – in all online shops and marketplaces which get information from Middleware Speed4Trade Connect up to database publishing. According to people responsible for this solution, due to supported standards like e.g., Tecdoc, automotive parts will fast and clearly be identified and assigned to the right vehicle.

Performance One is to supplement Speed4Trade’s expertise in providing common customers with essential performance marketing in order to strengthen the brand and achieve turnover goals. According to responsible people at Speed4Trade, this partner is an expert in planning and implementing long-term sales strategies with suitable instruments. Digital marketing including search engine optimization and social media are to work as important performance pillars within the partner’s portfolio.

“All in all, everything builds up on each other in this excerpt of our ecosystem of partners. Bertsch Innovation structures data via its PIM system, we provide articles for diverse e-commerce distribution channels via our Middleware Speed4Trade Connect and shop solution Speed4Trade Commerce. Anyline takes care of highly automated service processes via mobile data collection, e.g., automotive parts of branches or workshop chains. Performance One offers marketing tools for optimized sales conditions”, explains Michael Liberda, Business Development Manager at Speed4Trade.

 Das E-Commerce-Softwarehaus Speed4Trade setzt auf neue Add-on-Partner in Digitalprojekten.


Mehr digitale Effizienz für Autoteile-Anbieter versprochen

Speed4Trade gibt bekannt, mit den Unternehmen Anyline GmbH, Bertsch Innovation GmbH und Performance One AG zu kooperieren. Der Partnerzuwachs ergibt sich aus der aktiven Zusammenarbeit in Digitalprojekten für gemeinsame Kunden im Umfeld des automobilen Aftermarkets, heißt es seitens des Unternehmens.

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