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Market introduction of Z Tyre Vantastic

The following sizes are already available: 195/75 R16, 195/70 R15, 215/70 R15, 195/65 R16, 205/65 R16, 225/65 R16, and 235/65 R16.

Zenises introduces a tyre for transporters with its Vantastic. First of all, the tread will be available in seven sizes. The people responsible for the company stress that the tyre “was developed in Europe for Europe”. There was a development focus on safety capacities and mileage.


Download new overview now: All-season tyres

In the meantime, many manufacturers have started offering all-season tyres. The table gives an overview.

All-season tyres are trendy. In the meantime, several brands have added all-season tyres to their range of products. Please find a table of the current all-season tyres in the download area of this website (the editors make no claim to completeness). You can find a list of 113 treads in the table, which we added to our supplement database, and which were provided by the industry.


Xtractor Around The World successfully finished

McCormick agricultural tractors series X7 P6-Drive and X8 VT-Drive, which were equipped with BKT tyres, played the key role in Xtractor Around The World.

The second edition of Xtractor Around The World, which started in Cape Town on 3rd April, was successfully finished on 20th May. BKT was one of the sponsors. During the 50-day expedition, the BKT tyres AGRIMAX FORCE and AGRIMAX RT 657 were used for the McCormick agricultural tractors series X7 P6-Drive and X8 VT-Drive.


Bridgestone: Two tyre series selected for original equipment

Available for the BMW X3 in sizes from 18 to 21 inches:  Alenza 001.

BMW has just selected two Bridgestone tyre series for the original equipment of the only recently introduced third generation of its BMW X3. Thus, Bridgestone is continuing its long-standing partnership with the BMW Group by providing a total of elven different sizes of the Alenza 001 and Blizzak tyre lines for original equipment.


Pirelli celebrates more than 500 homologations for run-flat tyres

Pirelli run-flat tyres can be noticed because of their marking on the tyre sidewall.

According to information from Pirelli, it has cracked the mark of 500 homologations for run-flat tyres, which means in detail: 326 homologations for summer tyres, 100 approvals for winter tyres, and 90 releases for all-season tyres. Pirelli received the latest homologation from Alfa Romeo for a run-flat tyre.


The Tire Cologne: Successful premiere

The team of AutoRäderReifen-Gummibereifung noticed an extremely high frequency of visitors at the trade fair booth organized by the publishing house.

Taking stock of The Tire Cologne turns out to be basically very positive: An extremely motivated team of Koelnmesse provided the preconditions for a successful trade fair premiere. When looking at the visitor figures published by the trade fair company, some of the sector participants might have hoped for higher levels of attendance. The number of 16,000 professional visitors, which was provided, definitely resulted from the extreme weather conditions during the trade fair week.


Fintyre has bought Reifen Krieg

The company Reifen Krieg GmbH was founded in 2007.

The European Fintyre Distribution Ltd. (EfTD) based in London, has bought Reifen Krieg in Neuhof today. Thus, EfTD is continuing its European expansionism.


Tyre tests not relevant for purchasing decision

An analysis of the end-consumer platform shows that there is an influence of tyre tests, which at least in the case of the ADAC tyre test is mostly not relevant for the purchasing decision.

The people responsible for the tyre dealer search engine Reifen-vor-Ort compared the top sellers of the current summer tyre season with the results of tyre tests. They aimed at checking the importance of test results for the purchasing decision.


Michelin: Presentation of "Strategy 2048"

MICHELIN Visionary Concept is a 100-per-cent-recyclable and networked concept tyre.

By the year 2048, Michelin will use about 80 per cent of sustainable materials for the production of its tyres. Furthermore, all the tyres manufactured in its production facilities will be completely recycled by then. Moreover, the company will increase investment in high-tech recycling technologies.


Wintrac Pro sharpens brand profile of Vredestein

Mathias Heimann presented Vredestein’s new product during the press conference at The Tire Cologne.

In the framework of The Tire Cologne, Apollo Vredestein uncovered the new Wintrac Pro in front of a big audience and with an enormous drum roll. The new winter tyre will particularly aim at high performance vehicles.