Wintrac Pro sharpens brand profile of Vredestein

Freitag, 29 Juni, 2018 - 09:00
Mathias Heimann presented Vredestein’s new product during the press conference at The Tire Cologne.

In the framework of The Tire Cologne, Apollo Vredestein uncovered the new Wintrac Pro in front of a big audience and with an enormous drum roll. The new winter tyre will particularly aim at high performance vehicles.

According to company information, Vredestein will react with the Wintrac Pro to a growing market demand in the segment of high performance tyres with 17 inches or more. “The Wintrac Pro will play in a new league for us”, Mathias Heimann, CEO, said when talking with our editors. After two years of development, the new high performance winter tyre is ready now. “The new tyre was developed in an intensive team work. Apollo as investor acted as a big supporter”, Heimann further explained.

Moreover, the people responsible for the company rely on a design from Giugiaro concerning this product as well. “The Giugiaro design is an indicator of quality. Form and function work hand in hand in this case”, the Managing Director illustrated. Furthermore, he praised the good cooperation. Thus, the new winter tyre combines an attractive design with cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the Wintrac Pro will not aim at meeting the requirements of the mainstream. It is supposed to contribute excellent performance to Vredestein’s brand image and to function as a follow-up of Vredestein’s successful market launch of the high performance winter tyres in the speed categories W and Y. Moreover, there was a conscious decision to move production to Enschede. “There we will have the advantage of being very close to the development department”, Heimann added.