Summer tyre test: 195/65 R15 – threatened by cost-effective uniform rubber compounds?

Montag, 26 März, 2018 - 13:45
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“In case of doubt you will be on the safe side with more expensive tyres”, AutoBild sums up in its current summer tyre test. The winner, however, is a representative you normally do not find in the top price category: the Hankook Ventus Prime3. Statements from premium manufacturers concerning the relevance of development demonstrate the potential of emerging brands in the tested size.

AutoBild placed this quotation “no more money invested in further development of these cookie-cutter sizes” from one of the leading tyre manufacturers at the very beginning of its editorial contribution of the current summer tyre test. This refers to the tested size 195/65 R15. According to AutoBild, we will have to deal with a cost-effective uniform rubber compound. Nonetheless, it will not turn out to be as bad. The dominant brands of the premium category still work as role models in the top assessment area. The Hankook Ventus Prime 3, however, is undoubtedly able to convince the testers among other aspects because of its “driving qualities on wet and dry roads”, “its precise steering behaviour”, “short wet and dry braking distances”, and “good price-performance ratio”. The Continental PremiumContact 5 secures the second position in the ranking: “Beyond reproach, good steering precision and dynamic handling qualities on wet roads, short dry and wet braking distances”, says the magazine. Falken continues with the Ziex ZE310 an outstanding testing season of the brand. The tyre acts as a role model because of its “good safety reserves in aquaplaning conditions, good steering precision, stable cornering forces on dry roads and short dry and wet braking distances”. The Goodyear Dunlop Group received the next rabbit punch. The Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance and the Dunlop Sport BluResponse only get “satisfactory “based on the high price levels. Both tyres show weaknesses concerning “satisfactory efficiency and mileage”. Although Uniroyal’s RainExpert 3 offers the highest safety reserves in aquaplaning conditions, its driving behaviour is characterized by an understeering tendency. The Infinity Ecosis (“stable dry handling“, “only satisfactory mileage“) surprisingly positions itself in an extremely attractive environment when considering its purchasing price.

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