“Motorrad“ test of tour tyres: Big point for Pirelli Angel GT

Dienstag, 22 Mai, 2018 - 16:45
The “classic“ Angel GT still dominates.

Because of top performance on wet roads, the Pirelli Angel GT turned out to be the test winner in the tyre test of the medium “Motorrad“. The Dunlop Roadsmart III achieved the same amount of points. Nonetheless, the Dunlop tread is not that fond of wet weather. Due to an excellent mix of stability, sportiness and safety on wet roads, the Pirelli Angel GT is the winner and proves that a relatively “old” tread is still able to dominate a comparison test.

Concerning the wear rating, the Italian tyre “made in Breuberg“ presents itself at an acceptable level. Thanks to low wear values, the Dunlop Roadsmart III is considered to be at eye level. Although it is handy, is shows deficits in wet conditions. Conti reaches the third position with the Road Attack 3 GT. The testers praise its “brilliant performance in the rain” and “a top mileage”.

The Michelin Road 5 follows in the fourth position with the conclusion: “Recommended for extremely cornering all-weather drivers paying attention to crystal clear feedback in wet conditions”, whereas it is devaluated because of its “high wear”. The Bridgestone T31 (“brilliant for fast country tours”, “high wear”) and the Metzeler Roadtec 01 (“altogether good driving characteristics decrease in the long run”) share the fifth position. All in all, the result of the previous year has been confirmed, as there are only tiny quality differences in the premium motorbike segment.

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