Michelin Region Europe North: New platform in Frankfurt

Mittwoch, 19 Dezember, 2018 - 12:00
According to Anish K. Taneja, President of Michelin Europe North Region, there will be better possibilities at the location in Frankfurt/Main.

The Michelin Region Europe North (EUN) will open its office in Frankfurt in May 2019. The Michelin Frankfurt Office will be located in THE SQUAIRE right on top of the long-distance train station at the airport Frankfurt/Main. Finally, there will be room for more than 300 work places on a total of 6,200 square metres.

From 2nd May 2019 to 2nd August 2019, about 250 employees will be moving into the Michelin Frankfurt Office. This will affect all those departments, for which it will make sense concerning their function to be located in a central position in Northern Europe. Among them, there will be marketing and sales units for all the products and services, the business units original equipment, Michelin Lifestyle, the editorial staff of the Guide MICHELIN for Germany and Switzerland, and parts of central functions like personnel, finances, communication and the legal department.

“Starting from this central point, we will be able to reach our business partners in an easier and faster way. Our Region Europe North, which consists of ten countries – from Switzerland and Austria in the south to Iceland and Finland in the north – will move closer together because of the favourable traffic infrastructure at the location in Frankfurt. The spirit of “New Work City”, which characterizes Germany’s biggest office building, will also have an impact on our work”, says Anish K. Taneja, President of Michelin Europe North Region. The new office is to make cooperation more efficient at Michelin. Moreover, Michelin would like to be better able to find new talents as “attractive employer” in the Rhine-Main region. According to company information, the company will put more emphasis on a life-work balance in the company by focusing on several service offers. Taneja explains: “In the future, we will be better accessible and more connected. We are aiming at being able to react to market developments in a more agile, innovative and faster way. We will benefit from an excellent digital and innovative office infrastructure and will create an attractive environment for employees, customers and suppliers in Frankfurt. Getting to us will be much easier and in most of the cases shorter because of our new location. Furthermore, the connection to our location in Karlsruhe will be excellent too”.

According to company information, the location in Karlsruhe will continue with about 1,100 employees. The truck tyre plant with all the connected functions, the training centre MCTI with all its mounting workshops, the Michelin Service Center (MSC) for tyre dealers and car dealerships in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, the customer service for original equipment, IT, purchasing, construction as well as areas like supply chain and logistics will remain in Karlsruhe.