Michelin: Presentation of "Strategy 2048"

Freitag, 29 Juni, 2018 - 09:00
MICHELIN Visionary Concept is a 100-per-cent-recyclable and networked concept tyre.

By the year 2048, Michelin will use about 80 per cent of sustainable materials for the production of its tyres. Furthermore, all the tyres manufactured in its production facilities will be completely recycled by then. Moreover, the company will increase investment in high-tech recycling technologies.

In the framework of the international platform for sustainable mobility Movin’On, which was organised by Michelin in Montreal/Canada, Michelin announced these plans. At the moment, there is a share of 28 per cent of sustainable materials when producing MICHELIN tyres. The company clarifies that a majority of about 26 per cent of these materials consists of renewable raw materials. There are among others e.g. natural rubber, sunflower oil, and limonene, which can be found in a variety of vegetable oils. Further two per cent already represent recycled materials like steel and rubber powder from old tyres.

Already today, Michelin is developing solutions for the use of recycled and renewable materials in its tyres. The latest take-over of Lehigh, a company selling micronized rubber powder (MRP), which originates from recycled old tyres, confirms this approach. To a large extent, MRP replaces materials based on petrol and synthetic rubber both for industrial use and for consumer products. That means for high performance tyres as well as for coatings, sealants, construction materials and asphalt. Apart from the advantages for the environment, an increased use of MRP will also reduce raw material costs by 50 per cent.

MICHELIN Visionary Concept is a 100-per-cent-recyclable and networked concept tyre. Its tread will be adapted to weather and road conditions as summer, winter or off-road tyre without any tyre change only by pressing a button.