Michelin: Investment in energy efficiency

Dienstag, 22 Mai, 2018 - 16:45
Ulrike Höfken, Minister of the Environment, (r.) pressed a button to start one of the new electric presses and to move one of the raw tyres to the press as shown in the picture. Close to the event were (front, f.l.) Markus Schlosser, Economic Affairs Officer in Bad Kreuznach, Christian Metzger, Factory Manager at Michelin, Bettina Dickes, District Administrator, and part of the project team moving the first prototype of the electric presses to serial production.

Only recently, Ulrike Höfken, Minister of the Environment, handed over an EU funding approval of about 700,000 euros to Christian Metzger, Factory Manager at Michelin, in Bad Kreuznach. The money is meant to finance the installation of particularly energy-efficient electric vulcanization presses in the location in Rhineland-Palatinate.

“Our electric presses with Michelin technology will be of benefit to company, people and environment”, says Metzger. “We are extremely proud of today`s recognition of our active contribution to the achievement of climate targets.” The electric vulcanization presses will replace the current plants, which are operated in an energy-intensive way via hot water and steam. “Reducing energy consumption is the best way towards energy efficiency. Thus, Michelin’s investment will work as a role model – not only concerning the energy transition, but also as a contribution to climate protection. At the same time, modernisation of our plant will strengthen the location in Bad Kreuznach“, illustrates Höfken, Minister of the Environment. The funding is part of a program called “Future-oriented Energy Infrastructure“: The federal state Rhineland-Palatinate offers funds based on the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE), which focuses on measures for controlling energy efficiency like the new electric presses.