Maxxis Product launch of Victra Sport 5

Freitag, 29 Juni, 2018 - 08:45
Dirk Rohmann, Managing Director, in front of the new Maxxis tyre Victra Sport 5.

During The Tire Cologne Maxxis introduced the new Victra Sport 5. As Tobias Herzberg, Brand Manager at Maxxis, explained, it was considered to be a totally new development. This meant that the tyre disposed of a new carcass construction and rubber compound. It was supposed to replace the VICTRA SPORT –VS-01 step-by-step. Although the Victra Sport 5 was already presented, it would only be available as of summer season 2019.  

Two years ago, Maxxis started moving the production of passenger car tyres to full silica treads. The VICTRA SPORT 5 – VS5 will now represent the first ultra-high performance tyre, whose development was based on the new technology from the very beginning. As of winter season 2019, a new winter tyres is supposed to be available too: the Premitra Snow, which is also a completely new development based on the new technology.

According to company information, the tyre developers at Maxxis adapted crucial aspects of both material characteristics and rubber compound, and the tread design to the latest technical level. Compared to the predecessor model, there was a focus on improving wet braking features and driving comfort, when developing the tyre. According to company information, the new UHP tread achieves about 30 per cent better results concerning wet braking and handling on wet roads. Braking on dry roads and stability are to be improved by approximately 10 per cent. The first UHP treads of the VICTRA SPORT 5 – VS5 will be introduced into the market with a rim diameter in the standard sizes from 18 to 19 inches.

According to the manufacturer, the lighter and nonetheless robust carcass, which is equipped with good damping features, provides the new UHP tread VICTRA SPORT 5 – VS5 with high driving comfort and quiet rolling motion. The new 3+1 longitudinally grooved tread and a doubling of the longitudinal grooves in the shoulder tread are both meant to guarantee better water drainage and lower risk of aqua planning.