Gundlach as independent group in the future

Mittwoch, 19 Dezember, 2018 - 12:00
Gebhard Jansen is part of the management of Reifen Gundlach.

The Dutch Pon Holding has announced that Reifen Gundlach and its affiliated companies will change its proprietor at the end of the year, and, in the future, it will act as an independent group in the market. The business area Pon Tyre Group had already been restructured and strategically reoriented since last year. As a consequence, the Gundlach Automotive Corporation (GAC) was created, which consists of a total of seven companies from six countries, among others Reifen Gundlach, Euro-Tyre NL, PTG Automotive Solutions & Services, RG Automotive Solutions, and Goodwheel.

Reifen Gundlach was able to find Gilde Buy-Out Partners, also called Gilde, as a new investor. According to company information, it will support the strategy of the management consisting of Gebhard Jansen, Joachim Jansen, Ulf Fleischer and Alessandro Eiser. “Our customers will definitely benefit from this development – we will continue with exactly those things, which have brought us to where we are nowadays: service, trust, and passion. For one year, we had been following this plan to rebuild the different competences of the individual teams of GAC into one powerful unit”, explains the management.

You will find a more detailed article in the January edition of AutoRäderReifen-Gummibereifung.