General Tire launches two new off-roaders

Montag, 31 Oktober, 2016 - 10:30
The General Tire Grabber AT3 stops at nothing, neither mud, nor stones or puddles.

In the framework of an international product event, General Tire presented two new all-terrain tyres for on- and off-road use in Valencia/Spain: the Grabber X3 and the Grabber AT3. The Grabber AT3 will be available in trade in IV/2016 and I/2017 and the Grabber X3 in I/2017 and II/2017. The Grabber X3 is planned in 19 sizes for rims from 15 to 19 inches, the Grabber AT3 in 64 sizes for rims from 15 to 20 inches.

According to company information, the Grabber AT3 aims at a 50:50 ratio for mixed on- and off-road use, whereas the Grabber X3 focuses on a ratio of 20:80 for drivers with the highest demands in the off-road area. “Continental will strengthen its brand General Tire and clarify the core brand competence more, which means 4x4/ off-road. Furthermore, Continental made some investments in the past. General Tire is a brand with a very broad portfolio”, said Jochen Viethen, International Key Account Manager at Continental. According to Uwe Wischeropp, an industry expert, General Tire and its exclusive importer in Germany, Gummi Hasenkrug, consider themselves to be “the inventors of off- road”. During the product launch, there was also a meeting of importers, which customers have used for a frequent exchange of details concerning products and the company. Thus, Inter-Sprint from Holland offering General Tire as a private brand was there as well. “The event was excellent in order to discuss details, to meet new or potential customers or to take care of existing contacts”, explained Ton Ketelaar, Marketing & Communication Manager at Inter-Sprint.