Fintyre has bought Reifen Krieg

Freitag, 29 Juni, 2018 - 09:00
The company Reifen Krieg GmbH was founded in 2007.

The European Fintyre Distribution Ltd. (EfTD) based in London, has bought Reifen Krieg in Neuhof today. Thus, EfTD is continuing its European expansionism.

The company Reifen Krieg GmbH was only founded in 2007 and has been operating quite successfully in the market since then. It generated turnover of about 330 million euros with a comprehensive product and brand portfolio in 2017. The Reifen Krieg Group sells about 3.5 million passenger car, motorbike, and truck tyres, and more than half a million of steal and light metal wheels in the tyre wholesale market in Germany per year. The company presented itself with an inviting booth at the only recently finished The Tire Cologne. The full range of products and services was presented at the trade fair in Cologne. Holger Krieg and Tobias Fink, shareholders of Reifen Krieg, will certainly continue being the operational managing directors of the Group.

Furthermore, there are reports from Italy that Fintyre took over the tyre wholesaler La Genovese gomme based in Cagliari/Sardinia. Apart from Fintyre, the Reiff-Gruppe in Reutlingen with the former business area tyres and automotive technology, and the wholesale area Tyre1, Reifen Krieg, the Italian company Franco Gomme, and the former subsidiary of Marangoni called Pneusmarket, belong to the group European Fintyre Distribution Ltd. This, however, was itself completely acquired by Bain Capital Private Equity, the British investment fund.

The Reifen Krieg Group and the Reiff Tyre Group will do business as independent sister companies of EfTD Limited in the German market and will make use of expected synergies resulting from procurement and financial management. Reifen Krieg in Neuhof was acquired by European Fintyre Distribution Ltd. (EfTD), which is based in London.