Download new overview now: All-season tyres

Mittwoch, 1 August, 2018 - 09:45
In the meantime, many manufacturers have started offering all-season tyres. The table gives an overview.

All-season tyres are trendy. In the meantime, several brands have added all-season tyres to their range of products. Please find a table of the current all-season tyres in the download area of this website (the editors make no claim to completeness). You can find a list of 113 treads in the table, which we added to our supplement database, and which were provided by the industry.

The data were read out from our database before The Tire Cologne – some new all-season tyres were presented at the trade fair: Falken offers the Euroall Season AS210 and the Euroall Season Van11 for the passenger car and as well for the transporter segment, Yokohama has added the BluEarth-4AS AW 21 to its range of products, and Bridgestone has the Weather Control A005 on offer. Hankook offers the new all-season tyre Kinergy 4S2. These new tyres will be described in detail in the “All-Season Tyres Special" of the August edition.

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