Buying Giti tyres in online shop now

Montag, 26 März, 2018 - 14:00
The customers can choose what is important for them in the Giti online shop. Afterwards, they can find tyres according to the tyre dimension or by using a picture-uploading function.

In the framework of a media week at the location in Hanover In December 2016, Giti reported about a planned online shop where Giti tyres were directly to be ordered by end-customers. Finally, the shop started in spring 2017 and was directly linked with the website

Interested customers are able to order suitable Giti tyres in the shop. After filling in information on the vehicle (passenger car or SUV), summer or winter tyres, and special topics (sport, safety, environment) two order variations are available: The customers can either add the required tyre dimension and then get the appropriate tyre size, or the search is carried out by uploading pictures. The customers have to upload pictures of their front and back tyres, and there is a guarantee of getting a suitable offer within 24 hours after filling in the contact data.

Enquired about

Online shop customers could think that online orders circumvent the tyre trade …

Exactly the opposite is the case. All the customers ordering via the own online shop are one after the other transferred to our distribution partners. Moreover, a search engine for dealers will be included in the months to come. Thus, our online shop does not circumvent tyre dealers, but exactly the opposite is the case: We transfer customers, because buying tyres without any service will no longer be a business model. We certainly consider ourselves as partner of the tyre trade.

What advantages will an online tyre order offer?

It is simple, direct, available for 24 hours and fast. We ask the customers what they require – that means we ask about the needs and as a consequence we directly offer them an appropriate product. Furthermore, we explain the advantages of this product to the online customers, so that they can be sure to take the right purchasing decision.

The recommended retail price (RRP) is a further advantage, as it is used in all our marketing activities from our online shop to our customers’ point of sale in the form of POS materials. Thus, we are able to achieve a link between our online and offline business. Interestingly, we have received several inquiries from car drivers, after price studies concerning price ranges were published e.g. via, as they want to know how sure they can be to really pay the ‘right’ price. And here we have got the answer: Have a look at our online shop. Orders are often placed with our online shop after getting our answer, which we then transfer to our customers, as already mentioned. Thus, the customers learn very fast where they can buy a brand product at a stable price via all channels without constantly asking themselves whether there may be any discount somewhere else. Giti Tires stands for a clear price positioning, but also for price stability! Several price-comparing portals have already demonstrated this very clearly.

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